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The ghost is Sally. She is in the hospital, seven years in the future, because Julian Addiman, now her boyfriend, threw her out of his speeding car when she broke up with him.

The sister "Sally" who comes to see the patient in the hospital is Imogen -- the nurse got her name wrong. Sally did not recognize her because Imogen's musical training has made her unhappy and worried. They are flatmates.

Monigan is a real, ancient, and terrible goddess, whose presence Cart instinctively sensed when she invented the Worship of Monigan.

Sally and Julian Addiman secretly swore fealty to Monigan; Sally's accident is the result of Monigan's attempt to claim her life. The "ghost" is Sally from the future, attempting to warn her sisters and herself that in seven years Monigan will claim a life.

In order to save Sally, whom they suspect is one of them, the sisters and their friends make sacrifice to Monigan.

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