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The Place Between was so named, by young Christopher Chant, because it is between the worlds, including those known as the Related Worlds. Technically, it is not really "between" and is by definition no place at all. Tacroy called it "the Passage", because to him it was just a thing one passed through on the way to somewhere else. Chrestomanci and his staff called it "the World Edge", which might be its formal technical name.

To Christopher, it appeared to be a towering place full of mist and composed of large shapeless rocks. Many steep valleys branched off from it, each with a stream running down it, and each leading to a world. Another traveller using the same method later on saw it the same way, although this person had been talking to Christopher so an element of suggestion may have been involved. On the other hand, the way Christopher sees the Place Between is said to be related to the use of witch-sight, which shows what is really there...

Tacroy didn't see it so clearly, perhaps because he was only there in spirit, or perhaps because he never looked at it the right way: he saw it as a dark night, with a few guiding stars, and the valleys as no more than slightly coloured fog which he normally passed through in less time than it took Christopher to walk down the valley into a world.

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