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The Merlin Conspiracy is a novel and the sequel to Deep Secret.

See also The Merlin Conspiracy (spoilers).


When Nick Mallory walks into a different world, he initially thinks it's just a dream. After being sent an extremely powerful hitman he realises this is anything but a dream, and the future of the Isles of Blest lay in his hands.

Main Characters

Nick Mallory, Ted Mallory, Maxwell Hyde, Roddy Hyde, Ambrose Temple (universally known as Grundo), Romanov, Sybil Temple, Alicia Temple, Gwyn.


The Merlin Conspiracy is simultaneously set in two worlds, with parallell storylines. Nick starts out in England in Our World (in the Magid's Universes) and Roddy starts out in Blest, a parallel world's version of England.


LR 8/10 Good to see that DWJ has delivered another winner, with varied characters and wonderful storyline, full of twists. The jumps between the two threads of the story do make it less easy to read though.

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