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Spoilers for The Lives of Christopher Chant

The lives of Christopher Chant

When Christopher loses a life while astral travelling, it doesn't entirely count, and he loses it again for real when he returns to his own world. This sort of thing can tie serious knots in causality, especially when it happens as often as it does to Christopher. This is how he loses his first six lives (four of them in the astral first):

  1. Speared by the Arm of Asheth while attempting to remove Throgmorten from the Temple of Asheth in Series Ten
    1. Speared by a loose curtain rod in his room when Throgmorten attempts to run along it
  2. Head caved in by a swinging cargo hook (set as a trap for the Wraith's gang) on the dockside in Series Ten
    1. Head caved in by a swinging cricket bat wielded by Oneir
  3. Broke his neck falling out of a high, disused part of Chrestomanci Castle trying to get a better look at the old ruined part of the castle
  4. Broke his neck falling off a high part of The Place Between trying to get into Series Eleven
    1. Broke his neck falling down the big staircase at Chrestomanci Castle after tripping over Throgmorten
  5. Roasted by a dragon expressing its displeasure about dragon's blood poachers in Series Eight
    1. Roasted by a fire-conjuring spell that he over-does because he's frustrated
  6. Destroys it himself after the Dright gets his hands on it, to prevent it being misused

Two more are removed intact after the fire-conjuring spell but before the showdown with the Dright, and subsequently returned to him:

  1. Stolen by the Living Asheth, so she can use it as an anchor to astral travel the way Christopher does
  2. Removed by Gabriel de Witt, stored in a gold ring, and put in a safe place, as a precaution against Christopher losing too many more
Christopher gets the first of these back at the end of the book, and leaves the second in its ring because it is after all a good idea.

Christopher at one point suspects that his tendency to lose lives is a curse from Asheth, since he loses two of them in Series Ten and three more when Throgmorten is present; but the final conclusion appears to be that this was just coincidence.

Things we learn in Conrad's Fate

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