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The chained man is Uquar, who is worshipped in Helen's world, and whose teachings about the many worlds are considered sacred. He was chained up by Them, which made it possible for Them to control all the worlds. Helen mentions that the Hands of Uquar always wear black "in mourning for the terrible fate of Uquar." In the tradition of Our World, of course, Uquar is clearly [[Prometheus]].

Besides Prometheus, Jamie meets two other legendary figures: the [[Flying Dutchman]] and the [[Wandering Jew]]. (Jamie warns the readers early in the book that They spread false stories about the Homeward Bounders, implying that they are being punished for some misdeed; our stories of the origins of the Flying Dutchman, the Wandering Jew, and Prometheus himself are evidently examples of Their propaganda.)

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