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Series Ten is one of the series of the Related Worlds.

The first place Christopher Chant visits with Tacroy in The Lives of Christopher Chant is very hot and sunny. People walk around under brightly-coloured umbrella-like sunshades, and observe a noon siesta. There are many snake-charmers, with squealing pipes, who sit in rows along the city walls (and may be doing it for religion, as they don't seem to want money). The walls themselves are "muddy-looking", and the buildings of the city have strangely-shaped domes. The city contains thronging markets, and there are shrines on the street corners, which are the most brightly decorated things in a place full of bright colours. There is a large square where all the gods' temples are, and the largest temple there is the Temple of Asheth.

On his first visit to this world, the night before his first meeting with his Uncle Ralph, Christopher meets a man with a yellow sunshade who stands on the steps of the Temple of Asheth, and this man gives him a "sort of candlestick of bells". The bells are hand-made, each bell out of a different alloy. The metal they are made of is unknown in Christopher's world, and the sound they make is unique.

On another occasion, Christopher and Tacroy visit a different place, where there is a vast dockside with tremendous cranes and enormous iron ships. It is not clear whether this place, which seems more advanced technologically and less "Heathen" than the city where the Temple of Asheth is, is in the same world; but the people here worship Asheth as well.

Among the illicit magical ingredients that originate in Series Ten are eternal fire, magic mushrooms, and the body parts of Asheth Temple cats.

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