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Penge School, Surrey, is the boarding school attended by Christopher Chant in The Lives of Christopher Chant. It is a traditional boarding school of the type one finds in school stories, where the food is bad, the masters are authoritarian and sarcastic, and students are all addressed by their surnames even by their closest pals.

The school teaches elementary magic as an extra subject, with one lesson a week.

On the train to the school, Christopher meets Oneir and Fenning, and the three become firm friends. They call themselves the Terrible Three, but everyone else calls them the Three Bears, because Chant is tall, Oneir is middle-sized, and Fenning is small.

Other characters who appear at the school include the Head, the Matron, the magic teacher, and a boy named Mainwright Major (whose presence implies the existence of an unmentioned Mainwright Minor).

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