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Many of Diana Wynne Jones's books are set partially or entirely in our world - or at least a world that closely resembles it. It is not necessarily true that all the stories set in "our world" are set in the same world as each other: indeed it seems unlikely that all the different things that have been shown happening in our world could be contained without contradiction in a single world.

This is particularly the case when our world is shown to be one of many worlds - different stories or series depict different and mutually exclusive multiverses. Although it could be argued that the different arrangements of worlds represented by, for instance, the multiple Series of Related Worlds or the single continuum of the Magids' multiverse represent merely different perspectives on the same complex reality, it is difficult to imagine Chrestomanci and the Magids operating in the same field without encountering one another - or either permitting for long the abuses perpetrated by Them.

For a complete listing of books in which some version of our world appears, see Locations.

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