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Mrs Ellen Sharp is a character in Charmed Life.

She was a Certified Witch who lived downstairs from the Chants at No. 26, Coven Street, Wolvercote. She took in Gwendolen and Cat Chant after their parents were killed, having recognised that Gwendolen was going places and hoping that she would be able to go places too.

Being merely Certified, she only gets clients who can't afford anyone better, and supplements her income by obtaining exotic supplies for Mr Larkins; she boasts of her contacts in London. She is known to have skimmed off part of the money the council paid for Gwendolen and Cat's education "for my old age".

She is tone deaf.

She tends to address Gwendolen and Cat as "dearie" and "my love".

She has broad mauve thumbs.

She sometimes made gingerbread men for Gwendolen and Cat, but was not very good at them.

Her spelling is appalling.

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