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Miss Larkins is a character in Charmed Life. She was a Clairvoyant in Coven Street, near her father's shop.

Miss Larkins was young and pretty and had fierce red hair, which she piled into a bun on top of her head, from which bits of it kept escaping. She wore enormous hooped earrings, corsets, and a scent which shrieked of violets. She had a rich melodious voice.

She is a very talented clairvoyant, and was the pet of Coven Street before Gwendolen Chant's ascension. She can go into a trance, and speak with the voice of another, and doesn't remember what she said when she returns to herself. She has a set of regular voices, which includes two boy children, "Bobby" and "Doddo", but no adult men.

After Gwendolen has her fortune told, Miss Larkins corners Gwendolen's brother Cat and offers to tell his fortune, as much in hopes of learning something about Gwendolen as anything else.

She eventually receives a handsome reward from a grateful client, and opens a salon on Bond Street.

See also Charmed Life (spoilers).

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