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The Millie books are a series of school stories published in World 12A of the Related Worlds, in The Lives of Christopher Chant. They concern the adventures of a girl called Millie at Lowood House School. Other characters include Millie's friend Cora Hope-fforbes, who suffers hardship after her father is killed in a hunting accident, and the priggish Delphinia, who Millie gets the better of on at least one occasion.

There are at least ten books in the series. Titles include Millie Goes to School (the first), Millie of Lowood House, Millie Plays the Game, Millie's Finest Hour, Millie in the Upper Fourth (the fifth), and Head Girl Millie.

The jacket copy describes them as "moral and uplifting". Girls wallow in them, while their brothers consider the things to be slush.

In real life, Lowood was the name of the boarding school endured by the young protagonist of Charlotte Bronte's famous novel Jane Eyre.

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