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The Living Asheth is an important figure in the worship of the goddess Asheth as it is practiced in Series Ten of the Related Worlds.

The Living Asheth is always a young girl, but not always the same one. When a girl reaches the age at which girls in that world are considered to become women, another girl is chosen to replace her. She lives in the Temple of Asheth, only coming out once a year on the Day of Festival, when she rides through the city and blesses it. She is not allowed to come into contact with anything outside the Temple.

The Living Asheth who Christopher Chant meets and befriends in The Lives of Christopher Chant is a bit younger than Christopher, and has a round, ordinary face and long, mouse-coloured hair. Like the priestesses, she wears a sleeveless, rust-brown robe and no shoes; unlike them, she wears a quantity of silver and turquoise jewelry, including a coronet, a jewelled sash, and more than dozen bracelets. (On the Day of Festival, of course, she wears something far more elaborate.) She has a purple birthmark on the sole of her foot, which is supposedly the shape of a cat and a sign of Asheth's favour. (Cats are sacred to Asheth.) She has a remarkable amount of magical ability, which she attributes to being the Living Asheth. She is quite intelligent, and finds the life of the Living Asheth rather boring.

Although she knows that it is forbidden for Asheth Temple cats to be removed from the Temple, she allows Christopher to take Throgmorten in exchange for his promise to return with books in exchange. (The books in the Temple are all educational or holy, and she wants to read something more interesting.) With the help of Oneir, who has an insight into the reading habits of Girls via having a sister, Christopher picks out the Millie books, which the Living Asheth loves. She begins to have ambitions of becoming an ordinary schoolgirl, just like Millie.

The Living Asheth's eventual fate is a spoiler for ''The Lives of Christopher Chant''.

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