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Laurel, whose full name for most of Fire And Hemlock is apparently Eudora Mabel Lorelei Perry Lynn Leroy, is the beautiful, dangerous, and eerily powerful woman whom Polly first meets at Hunsdon House.

Laurel is pale and slender, with dark brows, a cloud of very fair hair and a sweet, tinkling voice. She wears expensive clothes and usually has an attentive man with her. Her eyes are large and almost as light as her hair, but with dark circles in them "like tunnels." Those who know her well avoid looking directly into her eyes even more strenuously than they avoid displeasing her.

She is the owner of Hunsdon House, but also has a flat in London and travels in Europe; she is quite wealthy. She seems to like classical music and young, handsome, fair-haired men, and she apparently knows a lot about horses. She is not without a sense of humor.

When she is at Hunsdon House, she usually has a coterie of relatives in attendance, possibly including her cousins Silvia Nuala Leroy Perry and Robert Goodman Leroy Perry.

She was once married to Thomas Lynn, and remarries Morton Leroy (they have been married before) during the course of the book. Seb Leroy is her stepson.

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