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Luke Ross

Just a site visitor and DWJ fan. Named after Luke in Eight days of Luke (really! my mother read the book!).

Editor of the Open Directory DWJ category (see http://dmoz.org/Arts/Literature/Authors/J/Jones,_Diana_Wynne/)

My rating system is just a simple 0 to 10, with 0 being "oh please poke my eyes out now" and 10 being a must read.

Email: lukeross (at) sys3175 (dot) co (dot) uk

Web: http://www.sys3175.co.uk/

r3m0t: May I also sabotage your page and ask you to read Power Of Three? Run along. You know you want to.

LR: I'll see if my local library has it this week. Owing to a DWJ style world warp or something, Oxfordshire council don't have anything as useful as an online catalogue.

r3m0t: Your library is like Hexwood. It does not reveal its books in alphabetical order. Therefore, you cannot be sure of ending up in the same letter or even the same section when you enter it. (Hexwood blurb parody)

r3m0t: I'm reading Eight Days of Luke :)

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