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Kialan is a myserious passenger on Clennen's traveling cart. He is outspoken and annoys Brid and Moril, once getting into a violent tussel with them both over a story that Clennen tells him. Kialan is a northerner, as proven by his proud, outspoken attitude, typical northerner appearence, and 'K' name. He becomes very close to Clennen's eldest son, Dagner, and Dagner seems to confide in him more than the others.

Eventually, after Dagner is seized by police in Neathdale, Kialan reveals himself to be the son and heir of Keril, Earl of Hannart. He is struggling to find his way North again. He and his brother Konian were kidnapped by Earl Hadd; his brother was hanged, but Kialan was smuggled away and given a ride by Clennen. Kialan also grows very close to Moril and Brid as they continue to travel together.

Kialan first appears in Cart And Cwidder, when he is fourteen to fifteen. He is mentioned in Drowned Ammet, simply as the Earl of Hannart's son. His final appearence is in The Crown Of Dalemark, a year or two after Cart and Cwidder, where he seems to be courting Brid. He aids Mitt, Maewen, and Moril in reclaiming the crown, and rescues Ynen from his father.

He is a typical northerner in appearence, with a lot of tawny-fair hair, blue-green eyes, and brown skin. What happens to him after The Crown Of Dalemark is unknown, although he probably became Earl of Hannart after Keril.

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