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Jonathan Lee Walker is a character in A Tale of Time City. He is an inhabitant of Time City, and the son of the current Sempitern, Ranjit Walker. He is proud of being a Lee?, being related through his mother, Jenny Walker.

Jonathan impetuously sets himself up to be the savior of Time City. In his determination to apprehend the Time Lady, he and his friend, Samuel Lee Donegal, accidentally kidnap Vivian Smith from Twenty Century.

Jonathan is a tall boy with long, dark hair drawn back into a pigtail, which he likes to chew on. He has a [sight function]?, which flickers across his eyes. He has a lordly manner. He likes to show off and doesn't like to admit when he's wrong. He is very impulsive and adventurous, apt to do things without consulting others. He has a dreadful fear of being sent into history.

He is fascinated by all the old legends of Time City. He is accustomed to measuring the crack in Faber John's Stone every day on his way to school.

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