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Hexwood Spoilers

For much of the book, Vierran is under the influence of the the Bannus and believes herself to be a teenager named Ann Stavely. As Vierran she has known Mordion Agenos before, but she doesn't recognise him as Ann.

As Ann, Vierran helps Mordion create Hume? from blood. The Bannus facilitates this, to circumvent an injunction placed on Vierran by Reigner One to "create a child" with Mordion.

Regarding Vierran's voices: Each of the voices are real people. The fact that they can communicate in this way is a sign that they are potential Reigners.

New Reigners:

The Bannus has disguised itself as Yam the silver robot. At the end of the story, the Bannus is Yam (having made itself mobile - with Mordion's assistance, under the guise of repairs to Yam - whereas before, it was a box).

Mordion Agenos is the Reigners' Servant? and was trained by Reigner One (Orm Pender) along with five other children who perished in training.

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