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Helm St Mary is the village near Chrestomanci Castle. It is featured in Charmed Life, but named only in The Pinhoe Egg.

The village green begins just outside the castle gates. Ranged around the green are a picturesque baker's, sweet shop, Post Office, junk shop, and an inn called the White Hart. Farther back from the village green, Mr Baslam has his dwelling and place of business.

Somewhere near the village is a field called Bedlam field.

The village church has portraits of saints in the stained-glass windows, including a lady, a bishop, a formidable-looking nun, a hairy saint, and a kingly saint carrying a model of the Castle. There is a crusader's tomb at the back of the church, with a statue of the crusader lying on top of it. The vicar is an old man with a weak and wandering look who gives weak and wandering sermons.

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