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Hathil is a character in Power of Three. He is the king of the Dorig people. He has more than one wife and has a lot of children.

Hathil is learned and has a subtle mind; when he was a boy, he planned to be an explorer (and possibly a Songman?). He had to give up this ambition when his elder brother was killed by a Lyman, leaving him heir to the throne. When he learned the details of his brother's death, he vowed to assist his brother's dying curse on the Lymen every way he could. It is possible that in this he was seeking to avenge his own lost dreams as well as his brother's life.

We need an article on the brother, too, but I don't think his name is ever mentioned except that it begins with H as well. We may have to settle for an article called "Hathil's Elder Brother"...

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