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Gabriel de Witt is a character in The Lives of Christopher Chant, Conrad's Fate, and "Stealer of Souls". He is a nine-lifed enchanter.

In The Lives of Christopher Chant, he is Chrestomanci. He is tall - about six-foot-six, according to Christopher - and skinny, with a hooked beak of a nose. He has blue eyes, and when he was younger he had fair hair. In his youth he was timid and gangling, and demonstrated an aptitude for engineering. As a result of being forced to give up his own ambitions and take up the post of Chrestomanci when he was in his twenties, he tends to regard the role as a stern duty, and has become elderly and severe before his time. He has had a relatively uneventful tenure, in that he has only died once at the point when Christopher Chant comes to Chrestomanci Castle.

Christopher initially found him very old and forbidding, and doubted Miss Rosalie's assertion that "he's adorable when you get to know him".

When he felt that Christopher was ready for the post, he retired to Dulwich, where he was attended by Mordecai Roberts and Miss Rosalie. It is here that he appears in "Stealer of Souls". He is suffering from a mysterious illness which turns out to be very important to the plot.

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