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Thomas Lynn has the magical ability, spitefully given him by Laurel, that whatever he makes up will come true -- and frequently will turn against him. This accounts for the appearance of the yellow horse and the paper monster, as well as for the presence of Thomas Piper, Edna, and Leslie in Stow-on-the-Water. The ability was apparently given to him by means of the pictures he takes away from Hunsdon House. Whether because Polly changes the pictures, or merely because she participates in the storytelling, she shares this ability, and thwarts some of its evil influence. Tom uses it to give her her own heroic ability of instinctive knowledge.

Thomas Piper is actually Charles Lynn, Thomas Lynn's older brother. Edna is his wife, and Leslie is their son. Charles was in thrall to Laurel, but traded his brother Thomas for his own freedom. Since then, he has been in hiding. He moved to Stow-on-the-Water the same year that Polly and Thomas Lynn meet -- presumably because of the power of Polly and Tom's storytelling.

Ann Abraham's mother was a Leroy, which gives the heroes standing to challenge Laurel in the book's closing scenes.

Many readers have said that they find Fire and Hemlock confusing; accordingly, here is a fairly detailed timeline of the events in the book.

Timeline of Fire and Hemlock: (Counting from the book's conclusion)


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