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Fire and Hemlock is based on the stories of [Tam Lin] and [Thomas the Rhymer].


At age ten, Polly Whittacker meets Thomas Lynn at a funeral; the two develop and maintain a friendship over the next several years, despite the interference of Polly's dysfunctional family and Thomas Lynn's mysterious and sinister ex-wife Laurel.

See Fire and Hemlock (spoilers).


Polly Whittacker, Thomas Lynn, the Dumas Quartet (Ann Abraham, Ed Davies, Sam Rensky), Laurel, Granny, Polly's father Reg and mother Ivy, Morton and Seb Leroy, Polly's friends Nina Carrington, Fiona Perks, and Leslie Piper, Thomas Piper and Edna, Carla, Mary Fields, Joanna Renton, David Bragge, Hero, Tan Coul, Tan Audel, Tan Thare, Tan Hanivar.


The story takes place in Our World. A key location is Hunsdon House.


LR 1/10 I just found this book heavy going and rather unreadable myself.

SDN 10/10 This is my favorite of her books (and seems to be so for many people).

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