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Spoilers for Deep Secret

Rupert's absent-minded neighbor Andrew whom he drives everywhere is a 'stripped' aspect of Koryfos, the legendary emperor of the [Koryfonic Empire]?. ("Stripping" is the destruction of a person's integrity when a gate between worlds is opened through him or her.)

Janine Mallory is actually Jaleila? Albek, a lesser consort of the Koryfonic Emperor Timos IX. Nick Mallory is Timos' son; his real name is Nicothodes. Ted Mallory, therefore, is really Nick's stepfather. Maree Mallory is the daughter of Emperor Timos IX of the [Koryfonic Empire]? (by a different mother) and also an heir to the throne; her full name is Sempronia Marina Timosa Euranivai Koryfoides. [Gram White]? is Janine's brother; in Thalangia, he is known as Gramos Albek. He is the father of the centaur Kris? and thus the brother-in-law of Knarros?. Knarros had two sisters, one of whom is Kris' mother; the other is Rob?'s mother, while Rob's father is Timos IX.

Family Tree: Timos & Knarros' sister 1 = Rob -- Gramos & Knarros' sister 2 = Kris -- Jaleila & Timos = Nick -- Timos & Maree's mother = Maree.

Later in the book, Maree is 'stripped', and half of her killed, by Janine and [Gram White]?. Rupert and his brothers send Maree and Nick on a dangerous journey to Babylon to cure her.

Maree and Rupert fall in love.

Simon becomes Maree's Magid sponsor, as well as the new advisor to the Koryfonic Empire.

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