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Deep Secret is a novel.

See also Deep Secret (spoilers).


Rupert Venables, a Magid, must juggle finding a new apprentice with solving the mystery of the lost heir(s) of the Koryfonic Empire a few worlds over.

He has the help of the ghost of his own mentor, Stan Churning, who is haunting his car and listening to Scarlatti. He has a list of 5 possible candidates but none of them sound very promising. He has a hightly frustrating experience when attempting to meet the most likely, Maree Mallory. He crosses her off the list and arranges to meet the rest at a science fiction convention in a labyrinthine hotel complex.

Although magically excluded, Maree shows up, attending the con with her uncle, sci-fi author Ted Mallory, his unpleasant wife Janine Mallory, and her younger cousin Nick Mallory. All the madness of a sci-fi convention combines with magical misbehaviour to cause a truly chaotic job for Rupert who has more on his hands with the candidates than he bargained for.


Magids and their Associates: Rupert Venables, Will Venables, Simon Venables, Stan Churning, Andrew Connick, Zinka Fearon

Magid Candidates and their Associates: Maree Mallory, Nick Mallory, Janine Mallory, Ted Mallory, Tansy-Ann Fisk, Mervin Thurless, Kornelius Punt, Milan Gabrelisovic Mrs Nuttall, Derek Mallory, Robbie?, Davina?, [Aunt Irene]?

Koryfonic Empire: Knarros?, Koryfos?, [Timos IX]?, Aglaia-Ualaia?, Timotheos?, Dakros?, Jeffros?, [Lady Alexandra]?, Jaleila?, Rob?, Kris?

PhantasmaCon?: [Gram White]?, Wendy?, Odile?, [Alfred Douglas]?, [Rick Corrie]?, [Maxim Hough]?, [Tina Gianetti]?


Cambridge, Bristol, PhantasmaCon?, Koryfonic Empire, Thalangia, Thule, Babylon.


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