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Conrad's Fate is a book in the Chrestomanci series.

see also: [Conrad's Fate (spoilers)]?


Conrad learns that someone up at Stallery, the castle in the mountains above Stallchester, is the root of his evil karma that will cause his death within the year if he doesn't do something about it. So instead of going to Stall High with his friends, he is sent by his Uncle Alfred to get a job as a footman at Stallery and sort out his Fate. Of course, it doesn't turn out to be so easy and he and his friend Christopher spend plenty of time getting into trouble for their failings as footmen while they try to sort out what is really going on at Stallery.


Characters from Stallchester: Conrad Tesdinic, Anthea Tesdinic, Franconia Grant, and Alfred Grant.

Characters at Stallery: [Christopher Smith]?, [Mr. Amos]?, Hugo?, Gregor?, The Countess?, [Lady Felice]?, [Count Robert]?


Series Seven, specifically the town of Stallchester and the castle called Stallery.


Neil Gaiman [discussed it briefly] on his blog in early August 2004.

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