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Spoilers for Castle in the Air:

Most of the main characters from Howl's Moving Castle appear in enchanted form before they appear as themselves, having fallen victim to the Djinn Hasruel. The flying carpet is Calcifer, the Genie is Howl, the Strangian Soldier is Prince Justin (getting enchanted appears to be an occupational hazard for Princes of Ingary), and the cat, Midnight, is Sophie, and the kitten, Whipper-Snapper is Sophie and Howl's son, Morgan. When Morgan was born, he was born a kitten as Sophie was still pregnant with him when she herself was turned into a cat. When the spell was broken from Sophie, it broke from Morgan too.

Kabul Aqba is really Hasruel in disguise, forcing Abdullah to live out his daydreams in painful detail. Hasruel has been forced to do his brother's bidding (which happens to mean stealing princesses) because his brother has taken control of his life (the one small part of djinn that when destroyed will kill them) and hidden it.

The Genie Wishes: The Genie consistently manages to make wishes go wrong ...

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