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Boyfriends in Diana Wynne Jones' books who are permanent or semi-permanent partners to the girls or women concerned include -

Rupert Venables whose duty to find a new magid in Deep Secret leads him to Maree Mallory. Early exasperation and antipathy eventually becomes attraction and affection, as the pair see past the rough edges. Each is strong in character, magic and determination, so they become a believable couple.

Like Rupert, Thomas Lynn (of Fire And Hemlock) needs his eventual partner, Polly Whittacker because she is as strong as he is, and just as determined. When they meet they seem an even less likely match than Rupert and Maree, despite an immediate liking for one another. Polly is a child, and Tom an ex-husband attending his (apparent) ex-mother-in-law's funeral. Over the years, Tom feeds Polly the information she must have to save him from Laurel. Polly becomes infatuated with him in her mid teens and this causes them to lose touch. When they meet again, Polly is nineteen and old enough to take her place as Tom's adult love.

Wizard Howl of Howl's Moving Castle seems an unlikely boyfriend for Sophie Hatter when they meet. Sophie is a seventeen-year-old mouse, and Howl a flamboyant showman. When they meet again Sophie is under an ageing spell. A powerful magic-maker herself, although she doesn't know it, Sophie's surface timidity hides a strong will. This combination of strength and weakness attracts Howl's compassion, grudging respect and, eventually, love. By the time Sophie regains her correct age and appearance, Howl is completely won over. The nice thing about this couple is that they see one anothers' faults quite clearly, and carry on loving regardless. In Castle In The Air Howl and Sophie are married, with a very young son, Morgan.

Michael and Martha Hatter of Howl's Moving Castle are a very young couple. They are around fifteen, but Michael seems set on his "Lettie" (he believes Martha is her elder sister at this time) and Martha, working in a cake shop, is equally ready to settle down and begin producing a family. Michael is diffident and sweet-natured, but he must have hidden determination. After all, he has attached himself to the household of a wizard.

Boyfriends who are more like infatuations - often because the girl/women is under some kind of influence - include -

Seb Leroy who is Polly?'s boyfriend for much of Fire And Hemlock. He is similar to the boyfriend in [Time Of The Ghost]. Seb seems genuinely attracted to Polly, but he is also charged with keeping an eye on her so she doesn't spoil Laurel's game. Seb is one of the men under Laurel's thrall. The others are (or have been) Leslie Piper, who is a nephew of Thomas Lynn, Thomas Lynn, [Mr Leroy]? and [Mr Whittacker]?, Polly's grandfather.

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