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Black Maria (alternate title: Aunt Maria) is a novel by Diana Wynne Jones.


The novel takes the form of a diary by Mig. Mig, her brother Chris, and her mother Betty are forced to go and live with their sinister Aunt Maria.


Mig, Chris, Aunt Maria, Betty Laker, Greg Laker, Lavinia, [Miss Phelps]?, [Nathaniel Phelps]?, Antony Green, Naomi Laker

The "Mrs. Urs" are various friends of Aunt Maria's. Mig, Chris, and their mother have trouble keeping their names straight at first, and privately call them "the Mrs. Urs" (because they find themselves saying, "Hello, Mrs. - er - Green").

Mrs. Urs: Elaine Blackwell, Zoe Green, [Hester Bailey]?, Corinne West, Adele Taylor, [Benita Wallins]?, [Phyllis Forbes]?, Rosa Brisling, Selma Tidmarsh, Ann Haversham, Phyllis West.

[Zenobia Bailey]?, [Larry Blackwell]?, Dr. Bailey, the pharmacist A.C. Taylor.




LR 7/10 This book is one that didn't initially catch me, but pays off with perserverence as the climax is excellent.

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