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The cats that live in the Temple of Asheth, in Series Ten of the Related Worlds, are a breed apart from other cats. They have magical properties, and are smarter than they are sometimes given credit for. They can understand human speech, but will not necessarily do what they're told (particularly if they're told, rather than asked).

Unscrupulous wizards will pay enormous prices for even part of one to use in their spells: from five hundred pounds for a single claw, up to several thousand pounds for an eye. The prices have to be enormous because there is no legal way of obtaining an Asheth Temple cat - cats are sacred to Asheth, and anyone who takes one from the Temple will be hunted down and killed by the Arm of Asheth.

Asheth Temple cats literally have nine lives. This may be connected to their magical nature (since a human with nine lives is a nine-lifed enchanter).

Asheth Temple cats mentioned by name in The Lives of Christopher Chant include Bethi, Throgmorten, and Proudfoot.

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