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The trouble started when Howard Sykes came home from school and found the Goon sitting in the kitchen, and preventing Fifi from making the tea. He'd come to collect for Archer, he said - Howard's father had got behind with payments and he'd better deliver fast. Archer wanted this two thousand now. '"Two thousand! Fifi exclaimed. "You never told me that!" "Who is Archer?" said Howard.'

As Howard desperately attempts to unravel the mystery, he discovers a ruthless plot to take over the world. Events move to a truly stupendous conclusion for all concerned, in this magnificently inventive and hilarious novel by a prize-winning author.


Howard Sykes, Awful, Archer, The Goon, Quentin Sykes, Catriona Sykes, Torquil, Dillian, Hathaway, Shine, Erskine, Venturus, Fifi.


Additional Information

Made into a BBC TV series.


LR 10/10 Loved by everyone I know who has read it, Archers Goon is again DWJ at her best, combining real life with fantasy. Interesting characters, mystery and a storyline so good it was made into a series, this is a must read.

see also: Archer's Goon (spoilers)

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